BLM: Steven Elbers

Never in my life has the urge to go outside with my camera been so strong – to blend in and capture the crowd’s full range of emotions. It’s my first ever protest.

In a world tormented by COVID-19, the subject of racism is front and centre in people’s minds. The murder of George Floyd comes at a time when, forced to stay indoors during lockdown, we had nothing but time to reflect on his life – and death.

14,000 people came to the Dam to protest for equal rights and participate in a beautiful ceremony where truths are shared with the people. Truths my parents and teachers didn’t tell me.

As I enter Dam Square, I look around and I’m taken aback. The first thing that comes to my mind is a realistic reflection of what the world should look like. All colours united to strive for equal rights.

Black Lives Matter.

– Steven Elbers (he/him)

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Still from ‘Black Lives Matter’ by Steven Elbers