‘Walk With Me’ is a four-part video series highlighting unique voices from Amsterdam’s creative community in partnership with Dr. Martens Presents.

We talk to four emerging Amsterdam-based creatives in a series that empowers perspectives on cultural inclusivity, community building and self-love.


This episode features, Salim Abousallam (he/him), Creative Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Comfy Community.

Salim’s mission is to create “a comfy space during uncomfy times.” His platform focuses on self-development, content creation and connecting communities.

A multi-disciplinary creative, Salim is known around Amsterdam for creating communities and safe spaces. 

“The first thing I want to know is ‘is it safe, am I OK, can I be who I want to be?’” he explains. “Creating places and spaces where everybody feels safe. Once that’s settled and everyone feels like ‘I’m allowed to be here’ – that’s the bare minimum.

“Being in a safe location is such an important thing to human beings in general. The same holds for any type of event or workspace situation.”

Salim grew up in the tightly knit Moroccan community. This closeness was both a source of strength and challenges when branching into the creative world.

“I’m fully Moroccan so I know how the culture can be when it comes to creative work or going into the creative sector,” he says. “The culture’s really trying to take it out of your hands. That’s one thing you have to remember. Know that it’s always going to be an uphill battle to convince your parents that you want to go and do something creative.”

“Comfy Community is something I’ve created with my wife, Cherouq. For me, I can’t do it alone. I give back to the community but I need the community as well.”

With Comfy, there’s a real sense that inclusivity is key to creating safe spaces – especially for young people of colour.

“It’s a place where you can develop yourself. The only goal is that you make sure people, especially young people, develop themselves in a really comfortable way whether it’s through events, workshops, content. 

“In December 2020, we got in touch with Boom Chicago and we were able to do our first Covid-safe event which was a viewing of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s reunion episode. These kinds of opportunities to network are in short supply, especially for young people of colour.

“It’s all about having this foundation that’s by us, for us, from us. Super inclusive, as long as we focus on the goal of developing ourselves and each other in a super chill way.”

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Creative Direction: Marie-Anne Leuty + Obi Mgbado

Videographer and Director: Steven Elbers

Photography: Obi Mgbado

Producer and Director: Jo-Ann Dawson

Stylist: Sharon Jane D

Image retouching: Omar Rosalina

Music: DJ Kickflip (from 2:08)