To Love Is To Heal

Blossoming into 2021

2020 was a lot. 

Changes to everyday life – on a global scale – relentlessly came over us in waves. Some days were manageable while others were a case of taking things an hour or minute at a time. Just as we felt we’d adjusted to something, a new challenge came along to upend reality again.

On top of it all, time itself became a more and more alien concept.

As the year dragged on it became evident that a clean slate was what most of us craved. The usual anticipation to start a fresh year was heightened.

That’s why we wanted to inspire some community spirit so we could blossom gently into 2021.

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For us, community care is a practice where we take time to rest, find joy and take care of one another.

There was no more simple way we could do this than to bring our people their flowers – quite literally.

So we got to work.


On New Year’s Eve, we created 50 bouquets wrapped in pages of our journal to bring some colour and joy to people as they walked around Amsterdam’s parks.

Come 1st January with bouquets ready, it was time to load up the bakfiets and get on the floral road.

We made it to Flevopark and Vondelpark and – respecting physical distancing rules – got to give blooms to new members of our community. 

As well as a bunch of flowers, we got to share Journal 001 with people of all ages and backgrounds by giving everyone a copy or two.

It was also an opportunity to let them know a bit about our story.


As a self-funded, POC-founded, independent content platform, it’s important to us that we stay true and authentic in telling the stories of our community.

People of colour and other underrepresented minorities need space to be seen, heard and celebrated.

Each bouquet came with a QR code to take people to our ‘To Love Is To Heal’ page where you can make a donation or order a copy of Journal 001.

At a time where connection has never been more collectively missed, stories where we see ourselves reflected are more important than ever.


If you’re able to, we really appreciate donations to help us keep going and keep shining light on lesser-heard stories.

We understand that times are hard though so there are other ways that you can support!

Follows on Instagram help to grow our online presence.

If you want to post or share something from our platform, use #communityTQTB to help us to see who’s connecting with our platform.

In the meantime, we hope you’ve been able to gently blossom into 2021.


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